Feeding Photos

Recently I’ve had to unsubscribe from several good blogs (none related to genealogy) even though I found them very interesting. Why? Because they frequently posted articles containing lots of photos – 15 or more at a time – and without first editing them for posting online. The result is that Google Reader doesn’t want to move on to the next article in my reading list until all the images have loaded. And, when you’ve only got a few minutes in a lunch break to catch up on the news, this can be a real drag.

In most cases, I would be delighted to look at the photos after I got home and wasn’t rushed, but I’m so irritated with the forced wait that I just want to get on with my reading and don’t save them for later. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are so many options to make your images more attractive on your blog – and easier to upload – that I’m surprised these bloggers haven’t taken advantage of them.

My first thought is Flickr. With Flickr’s bulk uploader, you can choose your images, add titles, captions and tags, then send them on their way to a Flickr set in a matter of minutes. While they’re uploading you can write the article discussing the event that generated all that photo goodness. When you’re ready, just go to your new set at Flickr and grab the embed code to present that set’s slideshow. Once included in your blog, it looks much like an embedded YouTube movie. And, like an embedded movie, the “heavy lifting” doesn’t happen unless the reader clicks the play icon.

Check your photo-sharing platform to see what kinds of display options they offer. Take advantage of them – especially when you want to present a large number of photos at one time. It’s a lot easier for you to upload and set up and a lot easier on your readers – especially the ones reading you in a newsreader.