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Interesting Updates

A couple of interesting updates for iOS devices recently . . . The Flickr app has some performance enhancements and a new “group card” feature that makes it easier to follow what’s going on in your favorite groups. Probably the most significant update is that you no longer need a Yahoo email address to create an account […]

Evernote Update

Evernote does listen to their users and they learned – quickly – that we aren’t happy with the proposed privacy changes. After receiving a lot of customer feedback expressing concerns about our upcoming Privacy Policy changes over the past few days, Evernote is reaffirming its commitment to keep privacy at the center of what we […]

Import Files to Evernote on iPhone

You won’t believe how easy it is to import and attach a file to a note in Evernote on your phone. This includes photos, scanned images, PDFs and office documents. You’ll quickly discover how useful your phone can be as a research tool for capturing information at a library or archive. In this demonstration I’m using an iPhone but […]

How to Build Your Own Help Desk

Many of us are using Evernote and/or OneNote to better manage our research, but that’s just one of many ways these platforms can help. A Help Desk notebook is one of them. Since I am my family’s tech support service, I quickly learned to create notes with step-by-step instructions to fix the most common problems. Now all I do […]

Evernote Raises Prices

Evernote has announced changes in their pricing plans – taking effect immediately. Prices for Plus and Premium plans will change for new subscribers. The only change for the free plan is that their account will now only sync with two devices. The Plus plan goes to $3.99 a month or $34.99 a year while the […]

Send an Evernote to Scrivener

Do you have notes in Evernote that you would like to add to a Scrivener writing project for easier access? If you are a Mac user, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how easy it is to make this happen. I discovered that if I have a project open in Scrivener, I can use Evernote’s […]

Link to an Evernote from Your Genealogy App

I use Evernote and the MacFamilyTree/MobileFamilyTree combo to manage my family research. Both genealogy apps share the same data files which reside in iCloud. To keep file sizes down, I don’t attach a lot of media files (photos, scanned documents, etc.) to my records. Fortunately, both apps include URLs as a media option. This allows me to put […]

Society Evernote: The Policy and Procedure Manual

One society I belong to maintains their policy and procedures in a three-ring binder. Each board member and staff position gets one. I’m estimating that they cost approximately $120 to produce. This could explain why the policy and procedures manual hasn’t been updated in years. Unfortunately, reality (and technology) has changed significantly and many of […]

Society Evernote: Board Meetings

Evernote’s collaboration features make it a great tool to streamline a lot of board functions. By posting minutes, reports and proposals as notes then taking advantage of Evernote’s Work Chat function, board members can review, edit, ask questions and suggest changes well before the meeting begins. Then, during the meeting, all that’s needed is a quick […]