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Ulysses for Family History

Are you building your family history one story at a time? If so, do you need a way to keep those stories organized so they can be repurposed into family history projects? Take a look at Ulysses. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Your family stories in a beautiful book

What a delightful Christmas present! The whole family gets a gift of love. At StoryWorth, we make it easy for people to record their family stories and print them in a beautiful hardcover book. Our customers have told us over and over again how much they love our printed books, so today we are thrilled […]

Thoughts on Transcriptions

I’m transcribing my grandfather’s letters as part of a family history publishing project. This is where “archival quality text” becomes more than a catchy term.

WordPress Desktop App

Have you noticed the message in your WordPress desktop inviting you to try the new editor? I tried it and it is very nice. It’s free and available for Windows, Mac and Linux computers and it will work on both WordPress.com and self-hosted sites that have Jetpack installed. You can download the app at WordPress. […]

Phone It In

The best camera you have is the one that’s with you. Our grandchildren won all kinds of awards at this year’s Alameda County Fair. Thanks to their parents’ iPhones and Facebook, we’ve been right there with them even though we’re more than 3,000 miles away. And, because it’s so easy to snap and post photos […]

Making History Personal

It doesn’t have to be a momentous event to give history a personal perspective. By doing so, you just might spark an interest in family history . . .

Telling Stories with Keynote and Scribd

Keynote and Scribd . . . these are a few of my favorite storytelling things. Using these tools I’ve published the first installment of my family stories.

Create a Digital Family Treasure Chest

As I look around my office I see dozens of family treasures ranging from portraits and other artwork to souvenirs of our travels to pieces of furniture. Every one of these pieces has an associated story. I know the stories to many – but not all – of these treasures because either I was there […]

From the Archives: Scrapbooking with Keynote

Put your presentation software to work as a scrapbooking platform. It’s a perfect solution for a family history full of images, charts and timelines. And, it’s already loaded on your desktop.

Personal Publishing

First, let me define what I mean by personal publishing. I see personal publishing as a way to share the stories of my family – both yesterday’s and today’s. It’s more like a technically-advanced version of the scrapbooks, diaries and photo albums of my ancestors. Thanks to technology, it has a broader reach. And, it’s not necessarily […]