Fun Family Tree

Creative family treeI stumbled onto this delightful family tree in an old pamphlet promoting Kodak photography. Paint a trellis then glue some string “vines” and paper leaves as frames for family photos. With a little pre-planning you could easily build it with room to add more relatives as you discover them.

I knew there was a reason I didn’t toss this publication years ago . . .


WikiTree offers family researchers a free online family tree where researchers can collaborate and build their family tree. There are no archives other than the information members add to their trees. Here’s how it works:

WikiTree is for genealogy collaboration. This happens at two levels.

At the modern level, the collaboration can be private and tightly-controlled. Use WikiTree to collect and organize your personal family history and privately collaborate with family members. If you invite non-genealogist family members they might not move beyond this level.

At a deeper level, we are connecting our personal family histories with a growing worldwide family tree. As we go back in time our collaborations become wider and more public. To keep order, we trust each other to abide by a Wiki Genealogy Honor Code.

It’s possible for all this to happen on one single, shared family tree because every profile has its own Trusted List and privacy setting.

Learn more at WikiTree.