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Found Ephemera – Flickr Commons

Are you looking for photos of a place or a period in time? Take a look at The Commons on Flickr. Archives, museums and libraries from all over the world are making historical photos and other interesting graphics available for everyone to see. Even better, most of these images are public domain so you can […]

LOC’s America’s Cup Album at Flickr

If you are considering using Flickr to showcase your historic family photos, stop by the Library of Congress’ America’s Cup album to see how the pros put Flickr to work. The photos are gorgeous. The album displays the collection beautifully and the metadata is amazing.

British Fashion & Costumes at Flickr

Have you checked out the Fashion & Costumes collection at the British Library’s archive in Flickr Commons? //embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Flickr for Maps

We already know that Flickr is more than just a photo-sharing platform. It is also an impressive online gallery for a growing number of the world’s prestigious institutions. You can find some truly amazing things here – like these historical maps. If you are looking for historical maps and images to support your research, take a look […]

The Personal Archive: Flickr

When it comes to building a photo archive, nothing beats Flickr. Flickr has set the bar by collaborating with a growing number of public archives to make their photographic collections more accessible. The Commons at Flickr hosts collections from The Library of Congress, Smithsonian Museum, George Eastman House, the British National Maritime Museum, the National […]

National Museum of Denmark Joins The Commons at Flickr

We are happy to announce that The National Museum of Denmark joined The Commons on Flickr today. The National Museum is many museums in one: It is Denmark’s largest museum of cultural history and includes the Open Air Museum, the Museum of Danish Resistance, Royal Jelling and 9 other museums. The museum’s photographs come from […]

G-Notes: On the Commons

Libraries and archives around the world are publishing photo collections at Flickr Commons. How long since you browsed these amazing exhibits?