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A Look at Flipboard’s Send to Friends Feature

[youtube¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QL3mVAYSv14] The latest iOS update for Flipboard gives users the ability to share articles with friends who are also using Flipboard from right in the app. This video gives you a walk-thru on how the feature works. While you’re out there, I hope you’ll take a look at my Fiesta 500! magazine – celebrating 500 […]

Flipboard Magazines in Your Browser

You can now enjoy Flipboard magazines on your desktop using your browser. You’ll need the address to at least one magazine to gain access to the platform, but from there you can wander around and find any number of other magazines to enjoy. This short video gives you a tour of the features available within […]

Flipboard as News Reader

I have given up on Feedly. I find it clunky and irritating. My news reader of choice prior to Google Reader’s demise was the Reeder app for Mac and iOS. It was simple, elegant and efficient. Reeder is working to replace its Google synch capabilities using Feedly’s sync API. The iPhone app has been updated, […]

Flipboard experiences service outages

It’s up now but earlier today it was down – for the second time since Google Reader shut down. According to a tweet from @Flipboard, all feeds and magazines are safe.

Flipboard Magazines with Multiple Contributors

Just think of the potential this offers family historians!

Build a Flipboard Magazine

If you aren’t already familiar with Flipboard, it’s an amazing app for your iOS or Android tablet that will turn all kinds of news feeds into a beautiful magazine-style reading experience. You will find a huge selection of fascinating news sources ready and waiting for you to choose from or you can create your own […]

Newsreader Update

We’re seeing a lot of innovation happening as a result of Google Reader’s shut down. While it’s causing some grief and irritation in the short run, I think we’re going to soon be enjoying some awesome alternatives in the near future. Competition always spurs innovation. Here’s an update.

Why Blogs Matter

The blog may have a funny name, but it is revolutionizing the news and information distribution industry in some truly amazing ways. If you’re a blogger, you’re part of the information revolution. Find out for yourself why blogs matter.

Personal history publishing . . . via Twitter

Personal publishing gives history a new face as we get to view history at a much more personal level. And, thanks to Twitter, we are able to enjoy some amazing personal stories.

Curating the News

Curated news and beautiful reading applications allow us to relax and once again enjoy a delightful reading experience.