A Look at Flipboard’s Send to Friends Feature

[youtube¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QL3mVAYSv14] The latest iOS update for Flipboard gives users the ability to share articles with friends who are also using Flipboard from right in the app. This video gives you a walk-thru on how the feature works. While you're out there, I hope you'll take a look at my Fiesta 500! magazine - celebrating 500 … Continue reading A Look at Flipboard’s Send to Friends Feature

Newsreader Update

We're seeing a lot of innovation happening as a result of Google Reader's shut down. While it's causing some grief and irritation in the short run, I think we're going to soon be enjoying some awesome alternatives in the near future. Competition always spurs innovation. Here's an update.

Why Blogs Matter

The blog may have a funny name, but it is revolutionizing the news and information distribution industry in some truly amazing ways. If you're a blogger, you're part of the information revolution. Find out for yourself why blogs matter.