Have Your Fonts and Present Them Too

One of the most irritating things about presentation software (Keynote and PowerPoint both) is that trying to move a presentation to a different computer can be a nightmare - especially with fonts. If those fonts don't reside on the new system, your software will select what it thinks are appropriate replacements from the fonts installed… Continue reading Have Your Fonts and Present Them Too

Personal Publishing

A Typography Primer

We’ve come a long way from Pica and Elite. Today there’s an almost unlimited number of font styles and sizes to use in your writing projects and tons of ways to use them. Fonts are addictive with many of us constantly adding to our collections. For scrapbookers, fonts add to the design of a well-crafted page. For self-publishers, they impact both the design and the readability of your document. This guide takes a look at the principles of typography and discusses the issues that will affect your family history project. Learn how to make your publication easier to read and to use type to pull the reader’s eye to the things you want to emphasize.