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WordPress Desktop App

Have you noticed the message in your WordPress desktop inviting you to try the new editor? I tried it and it is very nice. It’s free and available for Windows, Mac and Linux computers and it will work on both WordPress.com and self-hosted sites that have Jetpack installed. You can download the app at WordPress. […]

Create a Digital Family Treasure Chest

As I look around my office I see dozens of family treasures ranging from portraits and other artwork to souvenirs of our travels to pieces of furniture. Every one of these pieces has an associated story. I know the stories to many – but not all – of these treasures because either I was there […]

The Hybrid Family History

I want to tell my family’s story in a way that keeps both my research cousins and my genea-challenged cousins interested. Thanks to today’s technology, I can do that – and at an affordable price.


I doubt that the cancellation of Who Do You Think You Are? is the end of genealogy television. This show, Henry Gates’¬†Faces of America and even History Dectectives show there is an interest in digging up history. Add that to the new opportunities for distributing programming and I thinks we could soon see even more […]

Genealogy You Can Touch

I agree with Mel, the genealogy community needs to learn from other hobbyists in order to grow and prosper.

The Future of Memories

Future of Memories CoverWhat are you doing with your family memories? Are you looking for new and creative ways to share your family history research with others?

G-Notes: Essential iPad – Genealogy

A look at the apps, reference sources and media that insures you always have your research material at your finger tips.

Outlining Your Family History

Outlining Your Family History There are many great outlining applications available to help you pull your writing project together, but before you begin hunting take a look at your word processing software first.