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Etsy for Digital Storytellers

Etsy is the first place I go to find affordable graphics to use in my family history storytelling projects. These vintage graphics come from the Electric Anthology shop which offers gorgeous graphics along with scanned images of things like old keys, jewels and hardware. Each of the items you see in these examples are digitized images that […]

Found Ephemera – Flickr Commons

Are you looking for photos of a place or a period in time? Take a look at The Commons on Flickr. Archives, museums and libraries from all over the world are making historical photos and other interesting graphics available for everyone to see. Even better, most of these images are public domain so you can […]

Family Reunion

Don’t you just love it? I was wandering around Flickr looking for some old photos I could use in our society publications when this popped up in my browser. It’s awesome! You will need to follow the link to Flickr to see all the little “presents” under this tree. I’m sure each one has a […]

Redefining the Scrapbook

My great grandfather’s scrapbook isn’t pretty. It doesn’t look anything like today’s scrapbooks either. That doesn’t prevent it from being a family treasure. It contains pages of newspaper clippings like the ones you see here. For the most part, these are articles he wrote for various papers and publications. As you can imagine, old newsprint […]

Today’s Tech – Oct 10th

Tumblr bloggers using the iOS app recently received an update that makes some changes to how photos are included in posts. Tap the All Photos option at the top of the selector panel to narrow your selection to a specific album. Nice. The update notice also hinted this update would be leading to even bigger changes […]

Found Ephemera – Text

Words can be as beautiful as well as informative. Here are some ideas for using words as design elements in your family history projects.

Pixelmator Adding Text Shapes

Pixelmator, the amazing photo-editing app for Mac, just announced an amazing text shapes feature including in its upcoming update. I can’t wait to see what I can do with text!

Found Ephemera: Eclectic Anthology

Have you checked out Etsy for scrapbooking graphics? Maybe it’s time you did! This shop of vintage ephemera is delicious and the terms of use support just about any kind of family history project.

Found Ephemera: Obsidian Dawn

A gorgeous collection of digital design elements is waiting for you at Obsidian Dawn. Both the prices and terms of use work with just about any family history project.

The Problem with Scrapbook Kits

Digital storytelling and personal publishing offer new and exciting opportunities for the family historian, but are strange and frightening to some of the people we need to build our projects. Scrapbook kit designers aren’t quite ready for us – yet.