iMovie Basics

Did you grab some great video over the holidays? You know that iMovie for iOS is free for iOS7 users, don’t you? Why not put it to use producing your own family programming. I hear A&E is looking for a new family reality show . . .

This video demonstrates the basics of iMovie v.10 but the principles are much the same on all versions.

Exploring iMovie’s editing options | Macworld

One of a series of articles from Macworld on creating and managing iMovie projects. This could be useful for pulling together all those great eggnog-induced holiday moments …

In the past two lessons, I showed you how to piece together a basic iMovie project as well as how to create an iMovie trailer. Helpful as those lessons were, much of iMovie 10’s editing power is hidden. Now it’s time to unearth those features. We’ll start with making more-exacting edits.

Exploring iMovie’s editing options | Macworld