Genealogy Collection at Internet Archive

The Internet Archive’s genealogy collection supports an ever-expanding collection of genealogy resources. Items in this collection includes:

Resources include books on surname origins, vital statistics, parish records, census records, passenger lists of vessels, and other historical and biographical documents.

PERSI and the Internet Archive

Did you know FindMyPast and the Internet Archive are collaborating to build a digital library of the publications that make up the PERSI collection? See for yourself!


At the moment there are 1,193 items in the collection posted at Internet Archive. The complete collection contains more than 2 million entries so it will be a continuing project. It’s also quite likely that Internet Archive has already digitized a number of PERSI publications from other sources.

If you aren’t already familiar with Internet Archive, you are missing an amazing resource for all kinds of historical publications ranging from books and periodicals to records. Even better, it costs you nothing to create an account and begin building your library of research resouces. Want to learn more? There are a number of articles on the Internet Archive here at the Gazette. Just type “Internet Archive” into the search box in the sidebar to display them.


Find It on the Internet Archive

I am trying to learn more about my ancestors’ involvement in Ewing College. My first stop was at the Internet Archive and I hit gold! Turns out my great-great grandfather’s brother was one of the founders of the school.

A search for “Ewing College” delivered a gold mine. There were several editions of the Bulletin of Ewing College and the Catalogue of Officers and Students. Best of all, there was a copy of The History of Ewing College.
Excerpt from Ewing College History

In addition to describing Robert Link’s efforts for the college, there is also a significant amount of genealogical information in this profile. The photograph was icing on the cake. Robert’s nephew and my great grandfather, Samuel Albert Link, would later attend Ewing College. He also made education his career.

Internet Archive’s collection of documents, publications and other historical information continues to grow. Their search engine is quite impressive and, once you find a publication, you can easily search within its contents. Most of these publications are public domain and can be downloaded in the format of your choice.

There is no cost to use the Internet Archive, but it wouldn’t hurt to hit the DONATE button every once in a while.

The Genealogy Collection at Internet Archive

Did you know Internet Archive has a Genealogy Collection? If not, it’s time for a visit. There are currently more than 131,000 digital publications ranging from family genealogies and local histories to parish registers and city directories. According to the collection description you will find publications from:

  • the Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
  • the Robarts Library at the University of Toronto
  • the Indianapolis City Library’s Indianapolis City Directory and Yearbooks collection
  • the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Library
  • Brigham Young University
  • the National Library of Scotland
  • the Leo Baeck Institute Archives
  • the Boston Public Library.
Genealogy Collection at Internet Archive
The Genealogy Collection page at Internet Archive

There’s an alphabetical index of the contents as well as a search facility and you can subscribe in the Forum screen to get updates – via email or RSS feed – as new items are added. Publications can be read online or downloaded to a number of e-reader formats including PDF, Kindle and EPUB.

Don’t just limit yourself to the genealogy page. In the American Libraries section you’ll find publications from the Library of Congress (a search for “genealogy” found thousands of results) and many public and university libraries. There are also impressive collections of local histories, military/regimental histories and much more. Then there’s the Canadian Libraries, the Universal Library and many more.

Internet Archive Americal Libraries
A search for Huguenot in the American Libraries collection produced 295 publications.

Internet Archive is an awesome resource for researchers that just keeps growing. Take advantage of its search and RSS features to stay up-to-date on possible hits of research gold.