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From the Archives: Tell a Story with a Photo Slideshow

Looking for a fun Christmas project? Why not create a photo slideshow to share with friends and family? The toughest part is choosing the photos. In this example, the photos got a bit of scrapbooking treatment before they were used in the slideshow project. See for yourself.

A Scrapbook Slideshow

I’ve been working on some slideshows to present during the holidays but I wanted to include more than just photos. Actually, that’s a very simple thing to do. Using Keynote – the presentation graphics app for Mac/iOS – I can create slides that combine text, graphics and photos which I will export as images (jpeg […]

Photo Journals with iPhoto

iPad owners can now take iPhoto with them and enjoy its new Journal feature. Building a journal is fun and easy and the results are delightful. Here’s a quick look at what it takes to create your own photo journal.

Apps to Capture Your Christmas Stories

Check your phone to make sure you’ve got the apps you need to capture your family’s holiday fun. Here’s some suggestions.

Working with Photo Stream

Apple’s new Photo Stream feature can be quite useful once you understand how it works. Here’s a look.

Tech Notes – 29 June 2012

Lots of interesting updates, tips and news in this weeks edition of Tech Notes.

Digging into iPhoto – Scanned Images

iLife logoSince the genea-community is known for its scanning obsession, here are some tips for organizing those scanned images in iPhoto.