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Have Fonts Will Travel

Want to use your iPad when you present, but hate the limitations on fonts in Keynote? Here’s one solution.

Slideshow in Keynote Video

Create a Photo Slideshow in Keynote

Creative Keynote – Create a Title Page

Most of my family history projects could best be described as text-heavy scrapbooks. I want something that will catch their eye and pull them in to read the story. I use the Ulysses writing platform to organize, write and manage my text and I’ve found that Keynote – the presentation software for Mac and iOS – […]

More Keynote Goodness


Recording Screen

Making Movies with Keynote

Did you know you can make movies with Keynote? Keynote for the Mac has a Record Slideshow feature that makes it easy to record your presentation and then export it as a movie. All you need is a headset. I use my iPhone earbud and it works just fine.

Keynote Storytelling

Anyone who has been to one of my presentations knows I’m not a big fan of bullet points. I prefer to show a lot of screenshots and examples. When I do include bullet points, they are seldom the main focus of the slide. Along the way I discovered Keynote – the presentations app in Apple’s suite […]

Creative Keynote – The Digital Scrapbook

Since my favorite storytelling format is a digital hybrid somewhere between a journal and a scrapbook, I need a software platform that supports a broad range of features. My favorite storytelling platform has to be Keynote, Apple’s presentation graphics app. You may be more familiar with presentation graphics for building  . . . presentations, but you […]

Sharing Keynote Projects

Keynote is a great platform for building beautiful family history projects full of photos, charts and graphics. You’ll find there are also a broad range of sharing options available to help you distribute these projects to your family.

Circle B Ranch cover

The Circle B Ranch

The Circle B Ranch is a Ken Burns-style photo documentary and was created using Keynote on a Mac. Basically, it is a photo slideshow with narration and some background music that was exported as a movie. Windows users can put PowerPoint to work with very similar results. The toughest part of this project was selecting […]

Keynote Special Effects

Keynote is a great layout app for building eye-catching stories full of style. Here you can see how to create custom looks of your own using Keynote on the iPad. It’s easy and quick.