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Kindle to Evernote

The Kindle reader app on my iPad Mini is a great way to read magazines and reference or how-to books. The color alone makes it a much nicer reading experience and the larger screen size is easier to read. I’ve also found it’s quite easy to save interesting passages to anĀ Evernote notebook. Here’s how. Highlight […]

The Portable Research Library

eReaders and tablets have become a must-have tool for genealogical research. We can now carry our genealogy databases with us to the research library, read while we sit in the waiting room and scan documents wherever we find them. They also give us the ability to keep a research library with us wherever we are. […]

Send to Kindle Button

Here’s another way for bloggers to distribute their content – by allowing people to read your posts on their Kindle.

Creating Kindle Docs

Create your own Kindle documents to share with family and friends. All you need is a word-processing app that can save in Word format and these simple formatting tips. Kindle’s Personal Document Service will take care of the rest.

Build your own family history distribution system

Are more and more family members becoming e-readers? Maybe it’s time to build your family history distribution system and send family stories straight to their devices. Here’s a Word template to help get you started with instructions on how to make it all happen.

A New Kindle

First impressions on the new Kindle Paperwhite reader.

Family history in your pocket

Yes, I have a tablet and an eInk reader (Kindle Touch). Because of its size, my Kindle Touch goes just about everywhere with me so it only makes sense to keep the details of the families I’m actively researching on my Kindle – just in case. Actually, it’s quite easy to do. Here’s how.

Emailing Kindles

If Kindles and iThings are under your family’s Christmas tree, you are going to find it a whole lot easier to share your family history stories – and more – thanks to Kindle’s Personal Document Service. Find out how.

Book Design for eReaders

Kindle readers – and NOOK readers too – can read PDF documents as well as ebooks. That gives us family historians an easy option for sharing family publishing projects. Just don’t try to distribute an 8 ½ x 11 document and expect it to be readable on a 6″ screen. Here are some design suggestions to help you format your projects to fit most of today’s e-readers.

Kindle Moving to New Format

Amazon has upped the ante on the book design business with the announcement of Kindle Format 8 – a new ebook format supporting fixed-layout and graphic-intensive books. It sounds very interesting!