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From the Archives: Miss Kate’s Autograph Book

I created this little book to preserve and share Mary Katherine Link’s autograph book which I inherited from my grandmother. Miss Kate was her aunt – her father’s sister. My grandmother was only 5 years old when her mother died and Miss Kate stepped in to take on the task of surrogate mother to four […]

The Hand-Crafted Book

Do today’s electronic publishing technologies facilitate the return of the hand-crafted book?

Society Publishing

Thanks to today’s technology, publishing can generate both financial and prestige rewards for your society with minimal costs and basic skills. Find out how . . .

The Family Yearbook

Homecoming weekend found me thumbing through my high school yearbooks. As a result, I’m inspired to try and carry that concept forward to build a family yearbook that documents our family’s current history.

A Lulu Update

Lulu now offers ePub as a publishing format with lots of DIY help as well as reasonably-priced services to help you make it happen.

Publishing a Family Cookbook

Family historians trying to generate interest in other family members will often find food is a great way to get the conversation started. A cookbook or recipe blog might be one way to make that happen.

Electronic Publishers: Lulu

If you are considering any kind of publishing project – print or electronic, family history or photo book – you need to know about Lulu. Lulu offers a comprehensive collection of services at a cost anyone can afford.