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Brave Browsing

There’s a new web browser on the market and it’s worth a look. Brave is designed to make browsing the web faster and safer. It’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux desktops and both iOS and Android devices. We have a mission to save the web by increasing browsing speed and safety for users, while […]

In the Spotlight

Mac users – did you know that your Spotlight search feature (the little magnifying glass icon at the far left of the menu bar) gives you quick access to the Dictionary app? As you type the word you want to look up, the Spotlight panel displays a list of things on your system matching your search. One […]

OS X flaw leaves Macs vulnerable to attacks, no password required

The issue is around a hidden document — Sudoers — which is effectively a list of permissions as to which pieces of software are allowed to mess around with your computer. Unfortunately, a change to how Yosemite stores the list means that it’s now possible to add malware to the register. As such, if you […]

Pixelmator’s Repair Tool

Pixelmator for Mac – $29.99  

Security Made Easy – I’m Ready!

I can’t wait to see this inaction! iCloud Keychain: When Apple first announced iCloud Keychain, I was initially perplexed. Why add a password manager to the operating system and default browser when there are plenty of third-party applications that do this, and it isn’t among a feature users are screaming for? Then I realized that […]

Air Dropping Files

Need to move some files between Macs? Air Drop makes it easy – even when there’s no Wi-Fi available. Interested? Keep reading . . .

Scrivener v. 2.4 for Mac just released

Users who purchased Scrivener directly from Literature & Latte should see an update notice when they open the app. If you purchased your version through the Mac App Store, you’ll have to wait a couple of days for it to be approved and posted. Here’s the information being sent to Scrivener’s Mac users: Scrivener 2.4 […]

Working with Photo Stream

Apple’s new Photo Stream feature can be quite useful once you understand how it works. Here’s a look.

Don’t keep all your Apples in one basket

Taking advantage of the latest and greatest features can be a challenge for a family with multiple Mac computers and iDevices. Here’s how to set up your Apple IDs to keep the personal stuff separated properly while sharing apps.

Tech Notes – 27 June 2012

Mountain Lion dominated the news with it’s release on Wednesday, but it’s not the only thing happening in the tech world this week.