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family history journal in Day One

Day One for Family History

I am a big fan of the Day One journal app [Mac – $39.99 & iOS – $4.99]. It’s great for capturing both the special moments and the common ones. It’s also a great place to capture your family history. The latest version (desktop and mobile) supports multiple journals. In addition to my personal journal, I […]

Ulysses for Blogging

This week the Ulysses writing platform (Mac – $44.99 & iOS – $24.99) released an update that includes publishing to WordPress blogs – both those hosted at WordPress.com and self-hosted sites. It even supports multiple blogs! Also included are many of the WordPress options you use regularly, including: save a post as a draft , publish it immediately […]

Why You Need a Blog Editor

Those of us with a treasured family journal, scrapbook or collection of letters have a window into the personal side of our family’s history. That one or more generations of people took the time and effort to protect and preserve those treasures makes them even more precious. Today, we have a large community of bloggers […]

Writing for the Future

Those of us who have photographs, letters, journals and other writings from our ancestors are blessed with a view of their worlds that no amount of vital records can provide. These are precious treasures which we spend a lot of time, money and effort to preserve. But, what are we doing to document and preserve […]

Ulysses Update With iPhone Support

Ulysses has just released version 2.5 for Mac and iOS. Some of the many new features include: Fully adapted to iPhone Fully adapted to iOS 9’s Split Screen Fully adapted to iPad Pro Added Medium export Added Share Extension Added 3D Touch actions on supported devices Added Spotlight indexing/opening via Springboard Added DOCX import Added […]

Going Mobile

I’m writing this on an iPad Air using the Logitech BLOK Keyboard Case and WordPress for iPad. I find I’m spending more time on my iPads (I still have my iPad Mini) than I do on my desktop. The Mini is not only my reader of choice, but also an amazing presentation tool. Writing on […]

Family History Writing Platforms

Are you like me and writing your family history one story at a time as your research discovers it? I’ve watched my collection of “little stories” grow significantly over the years. Now, it’s a matter of getting all of those stories collected and organized so they can be used to create family history projects to […]

WordPress Text Shortcuts

WordPress 4.3 was released yesterday and one of the new features is text shortcuts in the post/page editor screens. Basically, the editor now supports some basic Markdown codes. What does this mean for you? It means that you can assign simple formatting codes for blockquotes, headings and bullets without taking your hands off the keyboard. […]

Protecting Your Posts

Have you considered developing a writing workflow that not only makes it easy to post to your blog, but also create a copy in your writing platform of choice? You may want to do this – for more than just convenience.

LightPaper for Markdown

LightPaper [Android – $1.99] is an impressive Markdown editor for Android devices. It can save files locally or online at Dropbox and supports Bluetooth keyboards.