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Get Ready for iOS 10

Apple is releasing iOS 10 on Tuesday. It has a number of interesting new features. I’m looking forward to the updates in Messages including features like handwriting, stickers and animations. Siri and Messages both will now work in some of my favorite apps too. Photos can search for object in pictures – like dogs, boats […]

Scanner Apps

There are a growing number of apps that will turn your mobile phone into an impressive scanner. Can they take the place of your current flatbed or document scanner? It’s possible, but not probable. That doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. Here’s a look at several scanner apps.

Research in the Digital Age

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take your research – all your research – to the archive or research library? Thanks to today’s digital devices, you can! This brief introduces you to some of the devices, apps and platforms that can make it happen.

Journaling in a Digital World

Having even a transcription of an ancestor’s personal journal is a blessing to any family historian. It gives us a picture of the person and the world surrounding him that no amount of vital records can provide. Should we also have letters and photos along with the journal, ecstasy ensues. Considering how precious we find […]

Phone It In

The best camera you have is the one that’s with you. Our grandchildren won all kinds of awards at this year’s Alameda County Fair. Thanks to their parents’ iPhones and Facebook, we’ve been right there with them even though we’re more than 3,000 miles away. And, because it’s so easy to snap and post photos […]

Going Mobile

I’m writing this on an iPad Air using the Logitech BLOK Keyboard Case and WordPress for iPad. I find I’m spending more time on my iPads (I still have my iPad Mini) than I do on my desktop. The Mini is not only my reader of choice, but also an amazing presentation tool. Writing on […]

WordPress To Go

These days I find I’m writing most of my blog posts on my iPad using the WordPress mobile app. With the latest update, it’s gotten even easier to add and update content. In addition to my own blogs – currently there are four – I also manage four more. Each of them are set up […]

VideoPress Goes Mobile

VideoPress offers WordPress users access to a very nice video player so you can host your own videos. You can post your video without the advertising and distractions found on other video-hosting services. WordPress.com users with Premium or Business upgrades have VideoPress included in the package. Self-hosted WordPress users can set up a subscription through the […]

Scanner Pro Update

Scanner Pro [iOS – $2.99] just received a huge update. It will now automatically find the edges of your document and generate the scan from that. It will even find documents in your Photos library. And, you can save one-tap shortcuts to the apps or cloud storage services you frequently use. Watch this video demonstration for […]

Genealogy in My Pocket

Have you seen the new update to Ancestry.com’s iOS app? It’s very nice! Randy Seaver has a full review of the update at Genea-Musings if you want to learn more. There are a growing number of genealogy-related apps available for iOS, Android and even Windows devices. Some of them are simple, yet smart – like […]