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iOS 10: Collaborative Notes

iOS 10 offers a number of new and useful features. The Notes app now supports live collaboration. All you do is open a note, then tap the “person” icon at the top of the screen. You can then invite others to add their thoughts/ideas using email, a text message or other apps. Think how much […]

Ulysses’ Writing Support Tools

A look at the tools Ulysses provides to help you manage the writing process when you want to stay focused on your actual writing.

Ulysses’ Support Tools for Writers

How many times have you been writing away only to realize that you need to include a photo, quote or citation? You don’t want to break your writing rhythm, but you don’t want to forget to include that needed item either. The Ulysses writing platform has a number of tools that can help you manage […]

Livescribe Sky

Livescribe releases a new digital pen with Wi-Fi and direct links to Evernote.

Mountain Lion – Notes and Reminders

Another look at the new features included in Apple’s latest version of its Mac OSX operating system – Mountain Lion. This article looks at the Notes and Reminders apps included in the OS.


EverClip makes it easy to clip and send just about anything from any iOS app to Evernote. Since Evernote is a necessity of life in my world, EverClip is the newest addition to my list of essential apps.

Don’t lose that thought!

I’ve reached that stage in life where if I don’t write it down, it never happened. That’s one of many reasons I’ve been a PDA (personal digital assistant) fan since I first discovered the Palm Pilot. From the Palm to the iPod Touch and now my iPad, I have something I can take with me […]