How to Build Your Own Help Desk

Many of us are using Evernote and/or OneNote to better manage our research, but that’s just one of many ways these platforms can help. A Help Desk notebook is one of them. Since I am my family’s tech support service, I quickly learned to create notes with step-by-step instructions to fix the most common problems. Now all I do is email that note  to the person to resolve the issue.

Evernote Help Desk notebook
Help Desk notebook in Evernote

Next, I began clipping how-to articles, tips and other things I found useful. Instruction manuals for appliances and gadgets got added to the collection too.

Even handy research tips get dumped into the Help Desk notebook. The web clipper makes it easy to snatch a useful tip posted to a blog or demonstrated in a video.

Today my Help Desk notebook has more notes than my Family Research notebook. Both notebooks use tags and saved searches to quickly find the item I need. As long as I’ve got an Internet connection, I have easy access to those notes.