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Put Your Computer to Work

The first computer I worked on required as much floor space as a basketball court and did some truly amazing things – scary but amazing. Today, my mobile phone has exponentially more processing power than that monster and fits in the palm of my hand. I’ve seen a lot of changes in those 40-plus years. […]

Getting Research Done with Evernote

Evernote book coverEvernote is a great tool to help organize and manage both research and writing projects. This affordable little book doesn’t try to dictate how you should work. Instead, it’s full of great ideas to fit Evernote into your personal workflow.

Putting WeRelate to Work

Now that we’ve looked at the major components in WeRelate, it’s time to see how all this can come together for research and collaboration. We each have our own research style, so I’m throwing out a list of ideas that you can choose to incorporate into your style or adjust to fit it. Do you […]

Digging into iPhoto – Scanned Images

iLife logoSince the genea-community is known for its scanning obsession, here are some tips for organizing those scanned images in iPhoto.