Formatting for Tablets

My family has discovered the joys of tablets – which has given me an easy and effective way to share our family stories. Thanks to platforms like Scribd and it’s associated mobile apps, along with apps like Documents by Readdle, I’m discovering that I can create some amazing publications full of text and graphics to share with my family. It’s all a matter of formatting. My two favorite apps for…

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PDF Powerhouse Apps

Turn your iPad into a research powerhouse with these two apps

There are two must-have apps from Readdle on my iPad that make working with PDFs a dream. They are: Documents [free] – serves as both a file manager and a reader/viewer/media player for PDF, MS Office, ePub, images and videos. PDF Office [$4.99/mo – $39.99/yr] – create PDF documents and fillable forms from scratch or from a scanned form, scan documents and receipts, annotate, edit and even sign…

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Scribd for eReading

If you haven’t visited Scribd lately, now could be a good time. Celebration Cafe has a collection of publications full of Christmas craft ideas just waiting for you. Random House has pulled together a collection of holiday recipes from their many books and made them available to all. (The Chocolate-Pecan-Bourbon Pie caught my eye right away.) One thing I hadn’t noticed until recently is the…

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Documents – the Swiss Army Knife of iOS

One of the most useful apps on my iPad and iPhone is Documents [iOS – free] from Readdle. It can be used to read documents (PDF, Office, text, etc.) as well as books (PDF and epub) but it can also be used to listen to music, watch videos and browse photographs. And, it has some annotation capabilities – bookmark, highlight, underline and strike thru. But what makes it really interesting is its file management functionality. You can save and open files from email attachments, just about any cloud storage platform, and even download them from the Web using the built-in browser. Create folders and build your own file system right on your device.

iOS Search
Results of an iOS search on an iPhone.

The app has been updated to take advantage of the features included with iOS 9. Now you can use the iOS search function to find files stored in Documents. In this example, a search for “FTM” found an article I had saved to Documents.

Combine Documents with another Readdle app – PDF Expert [iOS – $9.99] – and you can fill in PDF forms, add notes and draw on PDF documents from any number of sources and then forward your annotated files just about anywhere. I was able to “fill in” a PDF form that wasn’t designed to be fillable by writing the information on the document using a stylus. PDF Expert then flattens the annotation layers into a standard PDF file that can be read by Adobe Acrobat. In just a couple of minutes the form was completed and emailed back, saving me from printing then snail-mailing a paper form. Do that a couple of times and you’ve paid for the app.

Documents provides tools that bridge the gaps between your desktop and your mobile devices and will quickly become one of the most useful apps on your iPad.

PDF Office for iPad

PDF Office [iPad – free] is an amazing tool for anything related to PDF files. It can scan, create, edit and annotate documents. It can turn a scanned form into a fillable one in seconds.

The app is free, but Readdle will soon begin a subscription service to use the app ($4.99/mo or $39.99/yr).