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Creative Keynote – The Digital Scrapbook

Since my favorite storytelling format is a digital hybrid somewhere between a journal and a scrapbook, I need a software platform that supports a broad range of features. My favorite storytelling platform has to be¬†Keynote, Apple’s presentation graphics app. You may be more familiar with presentation graphics for building ¬†. . . presentations, but you […]

Repurposing Your Posts

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort writing those posts on your blog and now you have an impressive collection of family stories. Where do you go next?

Telling Stories with Keynote and Scribd

Keynote and Scribd . . . these are a few of my favorite storytelling things. Using these tools I’ve published the first installment of my family stories.

A Letter Archive Option

Looking for a way to organize and present your family letters? You might be surprised to find that your presentation app is just the thing for bringing those letters back to life.

Scrapshot: Once upon a time

Today’s scrapshot is the opening page from my on-going Behind the Alligator Farm project. The photo is a ’60s-era photo of the St. Augustine Alligator farm and has been combined with text and scrapbook elements to create an eye-catching layout.

Digital Storytelling with MagCloud

MagCloud is Hewlett-Packard’s self-publishing platform. What is interesting about MagCloud is that it isn’t a book publishing business. Instead, its focus is on magazine-style publications. MagCloud not only supports magazines, it’s a great place to produce and publish quarterly journals, reunion souvenir booklets, brochures, flyers, catalogs and just about anything else your imagination can create. […]

Scrapping Keynote: A Living History

Not long after I got my iPad, I spent a whopping $27 for an electronic book titled Digging into WordPress, the blog software I use to run the Gazette. Why would I spend this much money on an ebook? Because the authors promised a free updated copy of the book each time WordPress released a […]

Scrapshot: The Sketchbook Bio

Scrapshot - Thomas Barker

From the Archives: Sharing Treasures

Sharing your digitized family archives can be a challenge. I’m looking for ways to organize and present my grandfather’s letters so other family members and research cousins will also have access to them.

Scribd your society’s bottom line

Scribd is one of a number of affordable publishing resources now available for both individuals and societies. It offers a number of impressive features with no upfront costs while providing an easy-to-use platform to generate revenue from your publications.