A Family Tapestry: Start of a Journey, End of a Story

Today—likely long after you read this post, depending on the juxtaposition of your time zone and mine—a package will be hand-delivered to the local branch of the United States Post Office on the first leg of its journey home. It’s a small package, less than eight inches wide and five inches in length. Inside will be the carefully wrapped album, the pursuit of whose secrets have captivated me for the past four months.

I say the first part of its journey home, because it must make a stop in this country before venturing across the ocean to reach its ultimate destination, when it finishes a round trip begun over eighty years ago. The shortstop is located in the American state of Oklahoma, where someone remembers, as a child, having exchanged letters with the Irish originators of the package. Perhaps this package was once the Christmas gift sent from County Cork by her uncle and aunt, Harry and Alice Hawkes Reid, in 1936. Now, many years later, Rita would like to see the actual photograph album, herself, and wonders if it was, indeed, the very item she thinks it was.

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Build a Digital Photo Album

Families who are fortunate to inherit a lovingly-crafted photo album are truly blessed. We have any number of ways to create today’s version of those vintage family treasures. In this reprint from an article published in Shades of the Departed magazine, I demonstrated how to build a photo album that you could carry with you at all times – using your iPad.

Here’s the finished album exported to movie format and uploaded to Vimeo. Movie export is not available in the iPad version of Keynote. I synched the album file back to my desktop and used the desktop version of Keynote to do that – oh and added a bit of music too.