More Flickr Goodness

Since SmugMug bought Flickr, things have been improving. First and foremost is that Flickr will remain Flickr and not become part of SmugMug. There will be some changes of course, but all of them for the better.

First of all, the free Flickr account will continue but beginning in January it will be limited to 1,000 photos and videos. That may seem disappointing, but a majority of the current free members have less than 1,000 photos in their account. I found out years ago that $50/year was a very affordable way to protect my collection of family photos, scanned records and other ephemera from disaster.

In addition to focusing on photographers, I’m happy to see that the SmugMug crew appreciate Flickr Commons as much as I do.

When a company is generating income, they will have money to provide features and services that would not be available otherwise. I look forward to watching Flickr grow. Click the button below to take a look at one new feature – The Weekly Flickr. This one celebrates Valentines Day.

Weekly Flickr Valentines Day

Photo Detective – Clues in a 1900s Mystery Photo of the Old Family Farm

Clues in a 1900s Mystery Photo of the Old Family FarmPosted by MaureenThanksgiving is right around the corner. Planning a menu for that important family meal makes me think about how all that food ended up on my grandmother’s table. There are no farmers in my family history, so I love to see reader’s photos of rural life.  Darlene Sampley has this lovely picture of an unidentified farm family. Dad sits on horse-drawn sickle mower, pointing at something.[Thank you to reader Jim TeVogt for identifying the mower.] He’s in the front yard with a team of horses. The barns—it looks like there are two—are in front of him. Anyone recognize the farm equipment? A Google Image search for farming equipment 1900 (about when the photo was taken—see below) turned up plows with similar wide metal wheels. The house has three chimneys. The attached building on the left could be the kitchen.

Source: Photo Detective with Maureen A. Taylor – Clues in a 1900s Mystery Photo of the Old Family Farm

National Museum of Denmark Joins The Commons at Flickr

Celebrating the liberation of Denmark.
People celebrating the liberation of Denmark. 5th May 1945.

We are happy to announce that The National Museum of Denmark joined The Commons on Flickr today. The National Museum is many museums in one: It is Denmark’s largest museum of cultural history and includes the Open Air Museum, the Museum of Danish Resistance, Royal Jelling and 9 other museums.

The museum’s photographs come from all over the world, and cover many periods. In the museum’s photostream you can explore beautiful photos from Japan taken between 1860 and 1910, occupied Denmark during World War II, and documentary photos of Africa and the Virgin Islands (then called the Danish West Indies) with much more content to come.

Learn more and enjoy the photos at Welcome the National Museum of Denmark to The Commons! « Flickr Blog.