More than anything, this was an experiment to see what ToonPAINT would do to a very busy photograph. Not bad! I bought TouchRetouch because every review raved about its ability to remove things you don’t want in a photo. I’d like to use it to remove unwanted artifacts created by ToonPAINT. Problem is, every time I select a photo to edit, the app crashes.

This is the keeper’s house at the St. Augustine Lighthouse.


Photos – an iOS Guide

Photos – an must-have iOS Guide iPhone photographers. And it’s gorgeous!

Photos coverIf you are an iPhone/iPad owner and are fascinated with the photography potential these two devices offer, then you need a copy of Photosby Tom Rudderham [iBooks – $8.99]. This book is gorgeous, inspiring and full of great information. It focuses on the Camera, Photos and iPhoto apps on both the iPhone and iPad, showing how to get the most from them to develop your skills and workflows for taking…

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