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Creative Photo Stories

Yesterday I stumbled onto two delightfully creative iOS photo apps made by an Australian company called The Lens Lab. The first one is called Collect ($1.99) and is described as a Photo Journal. It is better described as journaling with style. With Collect you can include text with your image in many creative ways. Here you […]

Found on Flickr – Aviation History

All photos are from the San Diego Air & Space Museum’s collections in Flickr Commons which include more than 230,000 photos. Other sets include photos from the AirMail Pioneers Album, Women in Aviation, the USAF Museum album and the George B. Arnold Special Collection. If you have any airmen in your family history, this place is for […]

Spotlight Your Photos in WordPress

In order to get your family interested in the family’s history, you need a bit of creativity. Photos – old and new – always attract attention. Fortunately, WordPress offers a number of eye-catching ways to display them. You’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to do. This example is called a mosaic gallery. […]

Slideshow in Keynote Video

Create a Photo Slideshow in Keynote

Making Lemonade on the iPad

This is one of my favorite photos of my aunt Caroline. It’s iconic Caroline – sunglasses, cigarette and fishing pole. I love the picture but as you can see the photograph leaves a lot to be desired. Fortunately, I have some amazing apps on my iPad that can turn this photo into a work of […]

Found Ephemera – Flickr Commons

Are you looking for photos of a place or a period in time? Take a look at The Commons on Flickr. Archives, museums and libraries from all over the world are making historical photos and other interesting graphics available for everyone to see. Even better, most of these images are public domain so you can […]

Getting Started With Flickr

Flickr is more than just a photo-sharing platform. It’s also affordable off-site storage, a social center and a great place to connect with others researching the same people and places you are. These guides will help you get started with Flickr. You are welcome to download a PDF copy of each guide by clicking the […]

Flickr’s Pro Plan

Flickr has changes to its Pro plan. It still gives you 1000GB of storage and impressive editing tools, but you will need the Pro plan to take advantage of the Desktop Auto-Uploader, advanced stats and ad-free browsing/sharing. They are also including a 20% discount on Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan for the first year. The […]

Phone It In

The best camera you have is the one that’s with you. Our grandchildren won all kinds of awards at this year’s Alameda County Fair. Thanks to their parents’ iPhones and Facebook, we’ve been right there with them even though we’re more than 3,000 miles away. And, because it’s so easy to snap and post photos […]