Join Me for the Genealogy Scan Along

From The Family Curator . . .

Do you have a family history photo book on your To Do List? Summertime is a great time to tackle this project, and more fun if you’re working with other people doing the same thing. Starting next week, I’ll be hosting a Genealogy Scan Along at The Family Curator website with tutorials and tips to create a family history photo book.

Source: Join Me for the Genealogy Scan Along

Fun Family Tree

Creative family treeI stumbled onto this delightful family tree in an old pamphlet promoting Kodak photography. Paint a trellis then glue some string “vines” and paper leaves as frames for family photos. With a little pre-planning you could easily build it with room to add more relatives as you discover them.

I knew there was a reason I didn’t toss this publication years ago . . .

Telling Stories with Pictures

Telling stories with your iPhone & pictures? Absolutely!

Thanks to the mobile phone, we will leave behind many more photographs than our ancestors could ever image. Not only that, but our photos will automatically include date and place information in the file. With little effort on our part, we can also add even more descriptive information – all embedded in the photo file. There’s one problem. Since this information is embedded in the file, the…

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