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Pixelmator for iPad – Selection Tool

Pixelmator for iOS – all that and more for just $4.99!

Pixelmator Does It Again

All of this photo-editing goodness for $30! Pixelmator is amazing and the editing extensions in Photos will blow you away. Here’s how to set up Photos to use them.  

Going Mobile

I’m writing this on an iPad Air using the Logitech BLOK Keyboard Case and WordPress for iPad. I find I’m spending more time on my iPads (I still have my iPad Mini) than I do on my desktop. The Mini is not only my reader of choice, but also an amazing presentation tool. Writing on […]

Pixelmator’s Repair Tool

Pixelmator for Mac – $29.99  

Pixelmator for iPad

A demonstration of the new Pixelmator for iPad.

Pixelmator update . . . yummy!

Have I mentioned lately how much it costs? It’s only $29.99 the App Store. Eat your heart out Photoshop!

Pixelmator 3.0 for Mac

Pixelmator continues to amaze – and it still costs only $29.99.

A Book of Things

Inspired by Debbie West’s article, My Lucky Journey, in the current issue of Somerset Digital Studio, I’m beginning a scrapbook of my own to tell the story of our family heirlooms along with the treasures my husband and I have collected throughout our marriage. One of the things I found fascinating in Debbie’s examples was […]

More Pixelmator goodness – gradients

iCreate continues their series of Pixelmator step-by-step guides – this time showing you how to edit and apply gradients to your images. I’ve been building a notebook of these guides in Evernote for easy reference. via Pixelmator quick tips: How to add gradients to your images | iCreate.

How to use Magic Eraser to replace a background

iCreate has a great tutorial on how to use Pixelmator’s Magic Eraser tool. Editing images with Pixelmator can be a real joy. Not only is it a really versatile image manipulation suite, but the toolset is among some of the smartest we’ve had the pleasure of using. One such tool that we’ve been attempting to master recently is the […]