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The Family News Network

Are you looking for an easy, affordable and private way to share news, photos and family history in your family? The Posthaven blog platform may be just the thing. Posthaven doesn’t have the whistles and bells offered by the the major blog sites, but it does provide a simple and easy service for posting and […]

A Diary for the Digital Age

The digital age has brought some new and creative ideas to journaling. It’s fun, affordable and easy to capture those special family moments to share with future generations. See for yourself!

A Posthaven Primer

If you can email, you can blog with Posthaven. This guide will get you started blogging with Posthaven.

Create a Digital Family Treasure Chest

As I look around my office I see dozens of family treasures ranging from portraits and other artwork to souvenirs of our travels to pieces of furniture. Every one of these pieces has an associated story. I know the stories to many – but not all – of these treasures because either I was there […]

Building a family network

Facebook’s great but if you want more privacy and security for your family news and photos, you might want to build your own family network. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to do!

Posthaven Adds Contributors

I just received this update from Posthaven’s developers . . . We’re happy to announce Posthaven now supports multiple contributors per blog. On your Posthaven dashboard in the settings for your site you will now find a “Contributors” tab where you can add and manage contributors. The owner of each email you add will be […]

Posthaven Ends Beta

Posthaven announced today that email posting is now functional and Posthaven’s beta period is over. This also means that Posthaven bloggers are no longer blogging for free. The $5.00 charge you paid to set up your account is now covering your first month’s service and beginning in September you will be charged $5.00 a month […]

Posthaven Primer

Posthaven is a new blog platform being constructed before our eyes. It is currently in open beta, but that may change shortly. Posthaven is very easy to use yet has a surprising number of features, making it a very suitable option for both new and experienced geneabloggers. This Posthaven Primer is a basic guide to […]

Posthaven update

We’ve been working hard getting new features to you as soon as we can. Here’s the latest — we’ve added the ability for your visitors to leave comments. You’ll get email notifications when they do comment, and you can turn these off by editing your email settings (either click the link in the email, or […]

Moving Away from Free

With the demise of the Posterous blog platform thanks to a sellout to Twitter and Google Reader’s upcoming shutdown, I’m beginning to realize how dangerous free services can be. When you are a paying customer, you have clout. If you’re not happy it’s going to impact the business’s profits and they are going to work […]