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From the Archives: Tell a Story with a Photo Slideshow

Looking for a fun Christmas project? Why not create a photo slideshow to share with friends and family? The toughest part is choosing the photos. In this example, the photos got a bit of scrapbooking treatment before they were used in the slideshow project. See for yourself.

Family Portrait

Several years ago – while preparing for one of our larger Christmas family gatherings – my cousin in California asked if I would set up an appointment with a photographer to have a family portrait taken. I liked the idea of a family photo, but doubted that many others in this clan would be thrilled […]

Circle B Ranch cover

The Circle B Ranch

The Circle B Ranch is a Ken Burns-style photo documentary and was created using Keynote on a Mac. Basically, it is a photo slideshow with narration and some background music that was exported as a movie. Windows users can put PowerPoint to work with very similar results. The toughest part of this project was selecting […]

Project Keynote Life

Project Life is a great idea for easy and quick scrapbooking – and using digital platforms such as Keynote or PowerPoint make it even more fun.

From the Archives: Miss Kate’s Autograph Book

I created this little book to preserve and share Mary Katherine Link’s autograph book which I inherited from my grandmother. Miss Kate was her aunt – her father’s sister. My grandmother was only 5 years old when her mother died and Miss Kate stepped in to take on the task of surrogate mother to four […]

A Letter Archive Option

Looking for a way to organize and present your family letters? You might be surprised to find that your presentation app is just the thing for bringing those letters back to life.

The Living Book of the Dead

Sometime back I wrote a column for the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal discussing a cemetery inventory project I’m working on. The point being made in this article is that this project, like many family history projects, will never be “finished”. There will always be more research and new information to add. But, thanks to today’s […]

It’s not just family

What are you leaving behind for future generations? This project idea gets its inspiration from a Susan Branch book and will quickly generate a lot of great memories.

Found Ephemera – Family Jewelry

Family jewelry – both fine pieces and costume jewelry – are as fascinating as old photos. Here are some tips for digitizing jewelry and a few ideas for putting them to use in family projects.

From the Archives: Scrapbooking with Keynote

Put your presentation software to work as a scrapbooking platform. It’s a perfect solution for a family history full of images, charts and timelines. And, it’s already loaded on your desktop.