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Building Books In Day One

Day One’s export feature is available on both the Mac and iOS apps and makes it easy to build books from selected entries. Here’s a look at the export process on the iPad.

A Quarterly Proposal

A proposal demonstrating how small genealogical and historical societies can publish quarterly journals with a focus on content.

Personal Publishing

First, let me define what I mean by personal publishing. I see personal publishing as a way to share the stories of my family – both yesterday’s and today’s. It’s more like a technically-advanced version of the scrapbooks, diaries and photo albums of my ancestors.¬†Thanks to technology, it has a broader reach.¬†And, it’s not necessarily […]

Digital Storytelling with MagCloud

MagCloud is Hewlett-Packard’s self-publishing platform. What is interesting about MagCloud is that it isn’t a book publishing business. Instead, its focus is on magazine-style publications. MagCloud not only supports magazines, it’s a great place to produce and publish quarterly journals, reunion souvenir booklets, brochures, flyers, catalogs and just about anything else your imagination can create. […]

An Introduction to Publishing with Smashwords

Thinking about publishing your family stories? Smashwords can help. Here’s an introduction to publishing using Smashwords.

Personal Publishing – Scribd

Looking for an e-publishing platform that supports photos, graphics and fixed layouts? See what Scribd has to offer.

Thinking Outside the Quarterly Box

A very special treat arrived in my mailbox last week – the Fall/Winter issue of the Chattooga County Historical Society’s Quarterly. What made it so special? At more than 70 pages, it’s probably the largest quarterly I’ve received from them. The reason it was so large is that the entire issue was devoted to newspaper […]

Society Publishing

Thanks to today’s technology, publishing can generate both financial and prestige rewards for your society with minimal costs and basic skills. Find out how . . .

Publishing Service: Smashwords

Smashwords provides a simple and straight-forward method to publish your ebook yourself. From formatting your manuscript for conversion to ebook format to marketing tips, Smashwords is there to help your succeed.

Publishing Services Update

I’m updating the Publishing Services page here at the Gazette with the latest information on the platforms and services available to digital storytellers.