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Research in the Digital Age

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take your research – all your research – to the archive or research library? Thanks to today’s digital devices, you can! This brief introduces you to some of the devices, apps and platforms that can make it happen.

Manage your research with Evernote and tags

Evernote is an amazing tool for managing genealogical research. With Evernote you’ll not only have all your research with you wherever you go, but you can have any item of information in front of your eyes in just seconds. Forget folders for each surname and duplicating records when multiple surnames are involved. With Evernote you […]

Genealogy in My Pocket

Have you seen the new update to Ancestry.com’s iOS app? It’s very nice! Randy Seaver has a full review of the update at Genea-Musings if you want to learn more. There are a growing number of genealogy-related apps available for iOS, Android and even Windows devices. Some of them are simple, yet smart – like […]

iPad Genealogy

Lately I’ve found I’m spending more and more research time on my iPad. There are two reasons for this – Evernote and MobileFamilyTree [iOS – $14.99]. MobileFamilyTree has a companion app for the desktop called MacFamilyTree [Mac – $49.99] but although both can use the same database when it’s stored on iCloud, the mobile app […]

Mobile Toolbox – Documents by Readdle

The Documents app [iOS – free] is at the top of the must-have apps list for genealogy research. It serves as a document reader, media player and file manager – all in one beautiful package. With Documents, you can search, read, bookmark and annotate iWork and MS Office documents, read PDF documents and ebooks (ePub […]

Facebook as a research source?

I belong to several “nostalgia” groups on Facebook – an alumni group for my high school and a couple of groups discussing local history. I am amazed at the photos and stories that regularly appear in those groups. Recently a fellow researcher in the Georgia county where my mother’s family lived recommended a similar group […]

Evernote’s Photographic Memory

Did you know Evernote had a photographic memory? Evernote has some pretty significant OCR (optical character recognition) capabilities. What this means to you is you can take pictures of words, save them as notes in Evernote, and Evernote can read (and search) those words. Not only that, but Evernote can even read some handwriting (print, […]

Getting Research Done with Evernote

Evernote book coverEvernote is a great tool to help organize and manage both research and writing projects. This affordable little book doesn’t try to dictate how you should work. Instead, it’s full of great ideas to fit Evernote into your personal workflow.

The Research Digital Toolbox

It’s a new year and once again it’s time to take a look at your research digital toolbox.