MyHeritage Scanner

MyHeritage mobile apps now includes a scanner feature. You’ll find the scanner in the Photos section of the app or in the photo section of any individual’s info screen.


Put the photo or document on a flat surface with a contrasting background then tap the Scan photos button on the screen. The app will find the edges of your document and automatically take the picture. If it doesn’t, you just tap the round “button” at the bottom of the screen.

You can rotate the image and do some basic editing if necessary. There are several filters available including a “Document” filter which improves the visibility of your scan by whitening the background and sharpening the text.

When you tap Save, the scanned image is saved to your Photos section in MyHeritage. You can use the tag icon at the top of the document screen to tag the person referenced in the image and it will appear in that person’s profile on your family tree.


Portable Scanning

Do you have a mobile phone with a camera? If so, with the addition of one of the apps mentioned below, your phone can easily become a scanner. Not only can you capture the document’s image, these apps will convert it into a searchable PDF – meaning you can find specific words within the text – and upload it to cloud storage, email it and more. And, many of these apps can capture multiple pages – keeping them all together in one PDF document. Continue reading “Portable Scanning”

QromaScan: the World’s Smartest Photo Scanner

Designed with simplicity in mind, the QromaScan Lightbox and the QromaScan iOS app work together to form the world’s smartest photo scanner.

Tell it the date, place and people in your photos, and QromaScan tags your photos as it scans. You’ll end up with high quality searchable images that will organize themselves whenever you import them into your photo organization software. When you are done, it folds right back up like a book in a second.

QromaScan makes scanning and organizing your photos fast and easy.

They even have a slide scanner! Unfortunately QromaScan is only available for iOS devices.


Portable Scanning

Do you have an iPhone or Android phone with a camera? If so, with the addition of one of the apps mentioned below, your phone is now also a portable scanner. I have an Android phone and am using the CamScanner app mentioned here. Not only does it capture the document’s image, it converts it into a searchable PDF – meaning I can find specific words within the text – and lets me upload it to my…

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Mobile Research – Scanner Edition

Mobile Research – Scanner Edition

Your mobile phone is quickly becoming an amazing scanner thanks to some very impressive scanning apps. Not only does it make scanning a breeze, it can save you money too. What makes phone scanning apps so useful? Your phone is with you just about anywhere you go. Scanning with your phone is both quick and easy. It saves you money in copy costs. Most scanning apps not only capture the image, but…

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