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Stormy Weather

We were lucky. There’s a lot of debris to clean up but no trees fell in our yard and our power outages were very short. The water in the creek was the highest I’ve ever seen it but it never came near our back fence. Family and friends are still trying to get back to […]

The Family Curator is at it again!

When I need a quick photo for a blog post or a high-quality digital image of a favorite heirloom, the SHOTBOX tabletop photo studio is my go-to setup. In fact, after bringing home the SHOTBOX from RootsTech last winter, I packed up my tripod and off-camera lights and haven’t found a reason to dig them… via […]

Genealogy in Your Pocket – The Mobile Scanner

Evernote, Scannable and an iPhone turned a typewritten family history with no index into a searchable research resource in one afternoon.

Evernote’s Scannable App

Evernote’s new Scannable app [iOS – free] has quickly become the most-used tool on my iPhone. It makes scanning papers, documents and even publications amazingly easy. All you need is some decent light and a contrasting surface to capture beautiful scans in seconds. Scannable takes advantage of the contrasting background to “find” the edges of your document. […]

Found Ephemera

I’ve been experimenting with some of the growing number of photo art apps and have found they can do wonders for those not-so-perfect photographs. This guide shows how you can use them to create your own ephemera for your digital storytelling projects.

Optimizing OCR

At Macworld, Joe Kissell has written a fascinating article on scanning to searchable PDFs. He explains how a searchable PDF file is constructed, which (Mac) apps work best and what settings create that sweet spot between file size and best resolution for OCR functionality. Even if you’re not a Mac user, it’s worth reading.

Turn your phone into a document scanner

This is awesome! Unfortunately, this little jewel will set you back $500. Hopefully, before too much longer, there will be a number of similar devices – and more affordable prices.

Making room for more storage

Years ago, an engineering firm I worked for increased the size of their office by half again the existing square footage. Most of that additional space would go to file storage. At the time I had just gotten my first scanner and was just beginning to learn the joys of digitizing photos and documents. Surprisingly, […]