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Creative Photo Stories

Yesterday I stumbled onto two delightfully creative iOS photo apps made by an Australian company called The Lens Lab. The first one is called Collect ($1.99) and is described as a Photo Journal. It is better described as journaling with style. With Collect you can include text with your image in many creative ways. Here you […]

Creative Keynote – The Digital Scrapbook

Since my favorite storytelling format is a digital hybrid somewhere between a journal and a scrapbook, I need a software platform that supports a broad range of features. My favorite storytelling platform has to be¬†Keynote, Apple’s presentation graphics app. You may be more familiar with presentation graphics for building ¬†. . . presentations, but you […]

Project Keynote Life

Project Life is a great idea for easy and quick scrapbooking – and using digital platforms such as Keynote or PowerPoint make it even more fun.

Scrapping Keynote – Playing With Papers

When it comes to design, fonts may be my first love but scrapbook papers are a close second. They are the topic of the first in a series of Scrapping Keynote guides showing you how to use Keynote as a digital storytelling platform for those of you who love to scap. This guide walks you […]

Keynote Scrapbooking – Anastasia Park Edition

Keynote – the presentation graphics app for Mac/iOS users – is also a great scrapbooking tool. It supports layers and offers lots of text options, photo layout and framing features. Yes, you can use digital scrapbooking background papers and graphic elements, but its almost easier to make your own. In this example, I turned a […]

Windows Digital Storytelling Tools from Serif

The British software company, Serif, offers a number of affordable Windows apps with digital storytelling potential. Here’s a look at several of them.

Is scrapbooking dead or just transforming into digital storytelling?

By making just a few adjustments, the scrapbook designer community could find the family history digital storytellers a new and lucrative market.

Found Ephemera: Eclectic Anthology

Have you checked out Etsy for scrapbooking graphics? Maybe it’s time you did! This shop of vintage ephemera is delicious and the terms of use support just about any kind of family history project.

The Hybrid Family History

I want to tell my family’s story in a way that keeps both my research cousins and my genea-challenged cousins interested. Thanks to today’s technology, I can do that – and at an affordable price.

The Future of Memories

Future of Memories CoverWhat are you doing with your family memories? Are you looking for new and creative ways to share your family history research with others?