Creative Keynote – The Digital Scrapbook

Since my favorite storytelling format is a digital hybrid somewhere between a journal and a scrapbook, I need a software platform that supports a broad range of features. My favorite storytelling platform has to be¬†Keynote, Apple's presentation graphics app. You may be more familiar with presentation graphics for building ¬†. . . presentations, but you… Continue reading Creative Keynote – The Digital Scrapbook


Keynote Scrapbooking – Anastasia Park Edition

Keynote - the presentation graphics app for Mac/iOS users - is also a great scrapbooking tool. It supports layers and offers lots of text options, photo layout and framing features. Yes, you can use digital scrapbooking background papers and graphic elements, but its almost easier to make your own. In this example, I turned a… Continue reading Keynote Scrapbooking – Anastasia Park Edition