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All About Styles – Updated

Any writing project becomes easier to manage once the writer understands and exploits the features of his writing tools. Larger projects like family histories take advantage of word processing features not normally used in short, everyday projects. These features – table of contents generation, indexing, footnotes and endnotes and bibliographies – take advantage of another […]

Telling Stories with Keynote and Scribd

Keynote and Scribd . . . these are a few of my favorite storytelling things. Using these tools I’ve published the first installment of my family stories.

A Posthaven Primer

If you can email, you can blog with Posthaven. This guide will get you started blogging with Posthaven.

From the Archives: Miss Kate’s Autograph Book

I created this little book to preserve and share Mary Katherine Link’s autograph book which I inherited from my grandmother. Miss Kate was her aunt – her father’s sister. My grandmother was only 5 years old when her mother died and Miss Kate stepped in to take on the task of surrogate mother to four […]

The Living Book of the Dead

Sometime back I wrote a column for the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal discussing a cemetery inventory project I’m working on. The point being made in this article is that this project, like many family history projects, will never be “finished”. There will always be more research and new information to add. But, thanks to today’s […]

Scrapshot: Once upon a time

Today’s scrapshot is the opening page from my on-going Behind the Alligator Farm project. The photo is a ’60s-era photo of the St. Augustine Alligator farm and has been combined with text and scrapbook elements to create an eye-catching layout.

Scribd for Family History

Scribd’s new subscription service has been a reading delight. Even if I never got past the cookbooks, it would be well-worth the $8.95/month fee. My latest discovery is The Food, Folklore and Art of Lowcountry Cooking which is not only full of great recipes for the dishes I grew up eating, but it also looks at […]

Formatting for Tablets

My family has discovered the joys of tablets – which has given me an easy and effective way to share our family stories. Thanks to platforms like Scribd and it’s associated mobile apps, along with apps like Documents by Readdle, I’m discovering that I can create some amazing publications full of text and graphics to […]

Details of the Smashwords/Scribd Deal

If you are publishing – or considering publishing – your family stories using Smashwords, here’s even more incentive for you. Smashwords and Scribd have just announced a distribution agreement which gives your books access to both Scribd’s bookstore and Scribd’s subscription service. And as an extra bonus, if you opt in to this agreement before […]

From the Archives: Sharing Treasures

Sharing your digitized family archives can be a challenge. I’m looking for ways to organize and present my grandfather’s letters so other family members and research cousins will also have access to them.