Society Corner

Manage Society Articles with Scrivener

How does your society maintain the many articles published in your quarterly journals and newsletters? Over the years those publications become quite an archive of genealogical goodness. That's the good news. The bad news is that in many cases your archive is mostly paper copies. Even if you've saved the master copies created on desktop… Continue reading Manage Society Articles with Scrivener

Storytellers Studio

Scrivener for the Family Historian

Lynn Palermo's Scrivener guide doesn't just tell you how Scrivener works. She provides step-by-step descriptions on how to take advantage of Scrivener's many features to plan, organize, write, edit and compile your family history project. Scrivener can be intimidating to first-time users, but Lynn does a wonderful job of breaking it all down into basic… Continue reading Scrivener for the Family Historian