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Brave Browsing

There’s a new web browser on the market and it’s worth a look. Brave is designed to make browsing the web faster and safer. It’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux desktops and both iOS and Android devices. We have a mission to save the web by increasing browsing speed and safety for users, while […]

Jetpack Secure Sign In

I’m really happy about the feature in today’s new 4.1 release of Jetpack that streamlines logging in with your WordPress.com account. When this is finished it’ll completely protect you from brute force attacks (and server load), and you can secure one login with two-factor for all your sites rather than maintaining dozens of user/pass combinations… via […]

How Web Browsing Is Becoming Even More Secure

From MakeUseOf . . . The Internet is awash with passphrases, credit card details, and online banking data. We have SSL certificates to thank for our security and privacy. But you’ve probably heard of recent flaws that have dented your trust in the cryptographic protocol. Fortunately, SSL is adapting, being upgraded and replaced to give […]

Improve Your Security With Two-Step Authentication

Two-step authentication offers additional login security when you are accessing online resources. When two-step authentication is available, you will still log into the site with your user name and password, but that will kick off the second step which is usually a text message containing a PIN (personal identification number) sent to your mobile phone. […]

Managing Passwords

We all have dozens of online sites that require a password to access. Many of these sites contain personal information that needs to be protected. Do you use the same password to access every site requiring a login? If so, you are a data thief’s dream come true. Every compromised site – IRS, US government […]

Security Vulnerability – Seagate Wireless Drive

If you own a wireless hard drive made by Seagate, you need to download and install the latest update ASAP. There is a vulnerability in several Seagate models that could give unauthorized users complete access to the drive. Engadget has the details.

8 Tips for Online Safety Used by Security Experts

Want to stay safe online? Then forget everything you think you know about passwords, antivirus and online security because it’s time to be retrained. Here’s what the experts actually do. Great advice from makeuseof . . . Source: 8 Tips for Online Safety Used by Security Experts

More Stagefright

Android users may still be vulnerable to Stagefright. Google has just released another patch to fix the problems in the first patch. Zimperium, the company that first discovered Stagefright, has released the Stagefright Detector app to see if it is on your device.

Update Firefox Now

If you use the Firefox browser, you need to update it right away. There is a major exploit actively trying to steal your data. TheNextWeb is reporting: A major vulnerability discovered by Mozilla lurking in an advertisement shown by a Russian news site could steal your files and upload them to a Ukrainian server without you ever knowing. […]

OS X flaw leaves Macs vulnerable to attacks, no password required

The issue is around a hidden document — Sudoers — which is effectively a list of permissions as to which pieces of software are allowed to mess around with your computer. Unfortunately, a change to how Yosemite stores the list means that it’s now possible to add malware to the register. As such, if you […]