Tech Notes – 10 August 2012

  1. Looking for entertainment? How about the 1973 New Riders of the Purple Sage concert or watching The Night of the Living Dead? You’ll find it at the Internet Archive!
  2. More Markdown goodness . . .

  3. Creative Book Builder for Android enables everyone to create, edit and publish ebooks in a few minutes on the go. It supports text, photos, links, Markdown and custom HTML.
  4. Byword is $4.99 for the Mac version and $2.99 for iOS.
  5. Other News

  6. This excerpt from Taking Control of Scrivener 2 describes the various tools Scrivener has to help you keep your writing project organized. You’ll find this book at Moultrie Creek Books.
  7. Skitch – Evernote’s screen capture app for Mac – now has one-click sharing to Evernote. There are also versions for Android and iPad.
  8. Smashwords, the publishing and distribution platform for independent authors, has just announced its new Library Direct program through which you can make your books available to libraries. It looks like one of the early participants in this program will be the Open Library sponsored by Internet Archive. If you are a Smashwords author, check your dashboard for the updated pricing tool where you can set up library pricing for each of your titles.
  9. This article explains what two-factor authentication and why you should be using it. In addition to having a hacker use a program to figure out your password, you can also get “hacked” by someone pretending to be you who calls tech support – as you – to reset your password.
  10. WordPress for iOS has released a significant update. This version makes blogging from your iPad even easier.
  11. Tip of the Week

  12. That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend!

Screen capture updates

A lot has been happening recently with screen capture apps for Mac. First, the Mac version of TechSmith’s fabulous Snagit app came out of beta with several nice new features. I’ve been a Snagit fan on the Windows side for a long time and was thrilled to see a Mac version released. Unfortunately, the updated version comes with a hefty price tag at $49.95.

I have very happily been using the Skitch alternative. It’s been around a lot longer than Snagit Mac and I found its one-click upload more useful than Snagit’s fancy editing tools. And, as it was also still a beta, it was still free to use. Well, this morning I was notified that there was an update for Skitch which also brings it out of beta status. And, after installing it I see there is also now a Pro version available. The free version has some interesting new features including more editing tools and more sharing options. The pro version ($14.95/year) offers even more tools and more features at the sharing site. As much time as I spend grabbing screen shots, that low annual fee is a great deal for me. If you’d like to see what Skitch can do, check the quick video below.

G-Notes: Screen Capture Apps

A good screen capture tool always come in handy while researching. It allows you to capture all or part of an online screen and then copy/paste/safe it for later use. Here are several screen capture apps you might find useful.

  • SnagIt [Windows and Mac]. The Windows version has been around some time and will capture, edit and markup your screenshot before offering you any number of distribution options. At $50, it’s not cheap, but there’s a 30-day trial so you can see how good it is before forking over the money. The Mac version is still in beta, but functions beautifully with lots of good features. As a beta, it’s a free download.
  • Jing [Windows and Mac]. This app is a project of the same company that developed SnagIt. It will capture screen video as well as static shots and offers both free and premium versions.
  • Skitch [Mac]. Is a free app with lots of capture and distribution options – including FTP. The editing capabilities are more limited that the other two options but good enough for most needs.
  • Snipping Tool [Windows 7 & Vista]. This is a basic tool with limited capture and editing features. It is free and included in both Windows 7 and Vista.