Home for the Holidays: 7 Tips for Scanning Photos on the Go

With Thanksgiving approaching, you’re probably thinking about recipes or reservations or relatives—maybe all three. All of these are fine traditions, but if your Thanksgiving plans do involve going home for the holidays, you might want to take that opportunity to harvest photos for a family photo book.

Some great tips for scanning with your camera phone from Blurb. You might also want to check out the free Blurb app for iPhones and iPads to quickly and easily make your own photo books.

Get Mad Detective Research Skills with PDF Tricks & a Smartphone

From makeuseof:

The smartphone is an invaluable tool for capturing data wherever you are.

No matter what you’re researching or what real-world information you need to save,

Maybe, you are a university student who needs to archive newspaper clippings on microfiche, an archivist that wants to save a page or two from an antique book, or a web researcher who needs to archive emails and web pages?

Capture microfilm images with your phone? This article tells you how and what apps you can use. See Get Mad Detective Research Skills with PDF Tricks & a Smartphone for details. Special thanks to ResearchBUZZ for spotlighting this article.