Tech Notes – 24 February

Tech Notes – 24 February

Excitement continues to build as we get closer to the release of the 1940 census. How about a look back at data processing in census days gone by …


Fourteenth Census: 1919 | Shorpy Historical Photo Archive
To love Shorpy is to like him. Our goal: 10k “likes”: Photos submitted by Shorpy members. Colorized photos submitted by members. Most of …

Shorpy Online privacy is also at the…

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Curate a Story with Storify

After a rocky start, I am quickly becoming a devoted fan of Storify, the platform for building a story by collecting bits and pieces from across the Web. The building stories part is easy and fun, but publishing it to my blog was frustrating me. It would export beautifully to blogs, but on my self-hosted blog the data arrived but the formatting stayed home. Yuck! Then I found the magic Storify plugin and all is good again.

Here’s how it works . . .

Storify web editor

Once you’ve set up your free account at Storify, go into the editor and create a story. Now, you can add content from any number of social platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube or just about any web site. Just drag the item to your story’s timeline. You can add your own comments and rearrange things into whatever order you prefer.

Storify profile page.

When your story is finished, hit the publish button and it’s published to your public profile page at Storify. People can view, comment and embed your story as well as subscribe to your profile and get updated when new stories are posted.

Viewing a story in Storify

I was having problems embedding the story into my WordPress blog. The steps to make it happen were simple enough, it was just that somewhere along the road from Storify to Moultrie Creek all the formatting decided to stop for cocktails or something. The embed to a site worked like a breeze so that told me I was doing something wrong. Then I found and installed the Storify plugin. It puts a button on the post editor’s toolbar and when I click on it, it lists all my published stories at Storify. All I have to do is select the one I want and it’s embedded into the post – format and all. Life is good again.

Here at the Gazette, Storify is a great way to collect interesting items for my weekly Tech Notes post and now that the formatting issue is resolved, it’s going to be the standard format going forward. If you’re like me and have family stuff spread all over the Web or have cousins posting genea-stuff on their own blog, this is a great way to pull them all together into a collective story. I also see this as a fun way to report on the excitement at a genealogy conference by pulling in photos, Twitter comments and possibly a video clip here or there.

There is a free Storify app for the iPad which is a great place to read and build stories. Unfortunately, at the moment there aren’t any apps for the iPhone or any Android devices. Hopefully that will change soon.