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Day One – Putting Tags to Work

Journaling is a great way to capture the “little stories” of your family and your ancestors. Tags make it easy to collect those stories and turn them into any number of creative projects. Here’s a look at tags in one journal app – Day One.

Ulysses’ Writing Support Tools

A look at the tools Ulysses provides to help you manage the writing process when you want to stay focused on your actual writing.

Ulysses’ Support Tools for Writers

How many times have you been writing away only to realize that you need to include a photo, quote or citation? You don’t want to break your writing rhythm, but you don’t want to forget to include that needed item either. The Ulysses writing platform has a number of tools that can help you manage […]

Manage your research with Evernote and tags

Evernote is an amazing tool for managing genealogical research. With Evernote you’ll not only have all your research with you wherever you go, but you can have any item of information in front of your eyes in just seconds. Forget folders for each surname and duplicating records when multiple surnames are involved. With Evernote you […]

Put Your Computer to Work

The first computer I worked on required as much floor space as a basketball court and did some truly amazing things – scary but amazing. Today, my mobile phone has exponentially more processing power than that monster and fits in the palm of my hand. I’ve seen a lot of changes in those 40-plus years. […]