Timelines at FamilySearch

FamilySearch.org has just updated the person pages in the Family Tree. The streamlined menu at the top of the page makes it easier to get to the information you need.


A new tool added to the person page is the Time Line. Here you see the Time Line with the Map feature is turned on. It displays the location of each time line element for this person. In this example it shows where Marjorie was born (Georgia), where she got married (Mexico) where her husband died (near Japan) and where she died (Florida).

Using the command buttons at the top of the Time Line you can Add events, use the Show button to filter which events and relationships you would like to see and turn the Map on or off. The green icons in the timeline are used to describe what kind of events or relationships you are viewing.

The Add button makes it easy to add even more events to this timeline. In addition to the “vital” events, you will find a number of other events including things like occupation, residence, military service and more. There is even a custom event option for events unique to your ancestor.

At the moment, the Time Line is only available on the desktop version of FamilySearch.org. I’m hoping it will soon also be accessible in the mobile apps too. Wouldn’t that be awesome!