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WordPress App Reader Tips

The WordPress apps – especially the Reader component – continues to impress. I have it on my Mac, my iPad and my iPhone. I find I’m mostly using the phone app to read the WordPress blogs I follow and add comments. Since the phone’s always with me, the Reader is always within easy reach while I’m […]

In the Spotlight

Mac users – did you know that your Spotlight search feature (the little magnifying glass icon at the far left of the menu bar) gives you quick access to the Dictionary app? As you type the word you want to look up, the Spotlight panel displays a list of things on your system matching your search. One […]

Link to an Evernote from Your Genealogy App

I use Evernote and the MacFamilyTree/MobileFamilyTree combo to manage my family research. Both genealogy apps share the same data files which reside in iCloud. To keep file sizes down, I don’t attach a lot of media files (photos, scanned documents, etc.) to my records. Fortunately, both apps include URLs as a media option. This allows me to put […]

Workflow: Online Records to Evernote

A quick tip for capturing transcribed info, source citations and original images from the online archives into one Evernote note.

The WordPress Media Library

We all quickly learn how to upload and display images on our posts. WordPress’s Media Library offers even more functionality that can be quite useful. Here’s an introduction to the Media Library giving you a look at some of those features. I haven’t paid much attention to the attachment page except to notice that it’s […]

The Tumblr Queue

Like most blog platforms, Tumblr offers the ability to schedule when a post will be published. It also takes scheduling a step further with the queue feature. The queue gives you the ability to stack your posts up in the order you want them and spread out their publishing across a period of time. I […]

Tips & Tricks for Feedly RSS Reader

This Feedly Guide from Digital Inspirations offers several very good tips to help you get comfortable with the platform and make the most of its features. Feedly offers every single feature that you would expect in an RSS Reader and it has well-built apps for the two most popular mobile platforms – iOS and Android. […]

Insert today’s date in Evernote

Hat tip to DocumentSnap for this tip.

Flickr iPhone Tips

Great tips for putting the Flickr iPhone app to work for you.

Scrivener Tips

Some great Scrivener tips from around the blogsphere . . .