Evernote Formatting Updates

Evernote just released a new update that includes easier formatting options for iOS devices. Open the Evernote app, then go to Account > Settings > Notes and you will find an Advanced Editing option. On that screen, you will find five advanced editing options you can turn on or off – Lists, Checkbox, Divider, Code Block and Table. Each option includes instructions on how to create that formatting feature. For example, with the Divider option turned on all you need to do to create a divider is type three asterisks *** or equal signs === on a new line. The newest addition to these formatting options is the table. To create a table use square braces [] to identify a cell. If you want a table with four cells in each row, type four sets of braces [][][][]. To define how many rows, add an x and the number of rows to create. Setting up a table with four cells and five rows will look like this [][][][]x5. It’s that easy.

Evernote account settings