Wunderlist – Attaching Files to a List Item

Wunderlist – Attaching Files to a List Item http://wp.me/pUz7q-4vq

If you think Wunderlist [Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Web] is just another to-do list, think again. It can be just about anything you want it to be – from a simple grocery list to the activity center for a major project. I use it to capture and organize topic ideas, keep up with my presentations – proposals, topics, schedules, contacts and files – and yes, even my shopping lists.…

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PDF Powerhouse Apps

Turn your iPad into a research powerhouse with these two apps http://wp.me/pUz7q-4rG

There are two must-have apps from Readdle on my iPad that make working with PDFs a dream. They are: Documents [free] – serves as both a file manager and a reader/viewer/media player for PDF, MS Office, ePub, images and videos. PDF Office [$4.99/mo – $39.99/yr] – create PDF documents and fillable forms from scratch or from a scanned form, scan documents and receipts, annotate, edit and even sign…

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iPad Genealogy

Can the iPad replace the desktop for genealogy research? http://wp.me/pUz7q-47j

Lately I’ve found I’m spending more and more research time on my iPad. There are two reasons for this – Evernote and MobileFamilyTree [iOS – $14.99]. MobileFamilyTree has a companion app for the desktop called MacFamilyTree [Mac – $49.99] but although both can use the same database when it’s stored on iCloud, the mobile app is entirely independent of the desktop version. I believe at the moment,…

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Dropbox Comments

Dropbox Comments – collaboration made easy … http://wp.me/pUz7q-4q5

The new comments feature in Dropbox is a delight to use. Right now it’s only accessible from Dropbox on the web and on iOS devices, but you’ll quickly discover how useful it can be when you are collaborating with others. Comments are “attached” to the file that is the topic of the discussion – in this case a photograph. To create a comment, navigate to the file you want to discuss and click the…

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