Trip Journals


Taking a trip? Add some photo-editing apps on your phone to build more than just a photo album of your travels. In this example, the photo was turned into a painted card with an added caption. The photo was edited using the Brushstroke app [iOS – $3.99] to get the painted effect, then sent to the Supermatic app [iOS – $1.99] to choose an appropriate card style and add the caption. You can share your finished creations individually via email and social media. You can also use the Blurb app [iOS – free] to build a print photo book using the “souped-up” photo graphics you created with Supermatic.

Email it in with a Posthaven blog.

The Posthaven blog platform is a great way to share your travel adventures just with family and friends. Posting is as simple as emailing your photo(s) along with any comments you want to include. Set up your family and friends as site subscribers and each new post will be delivered to their inbox. You can also make your travel blog private so that only those you’ve given access will see your posts and pics. Posthaven will cost you $5.00/month to use, but that gives you up to 10 blog sites.

journal entry

Don’t forget the Day One journal app [iOS – free] or [Mac – free]. The apps are free but you will need a premium subscription [$3.99/mo or $34.99/yr] to take advantage of the premium features – unlimited photo storage, unlimited journals, cloud sync to all your Day One apps, encrypted cloud storage and 25% discount for any books created using their printing service.

Other features include an impressive collection of sharing options including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress and Evernote along with the ability to save an entry as PDF to iBooks. Of course, you can easily email any journal entry to anyone.

Today we have a broad range of apps and services making it easy to document your travel adventures. Not only will you have your own memories but you will also be able to save them for future generations to enjoy. See which options suit you best.

The iPhone Traveler

We recently took a short trip to Louisiana. It included a bit of family history, a bit of world history and a lot of good food. My iPhone got quite a workout – as road atlas, restaurant guide (Evernote Food – free), camera and photo editor, museum guide (National World War II Museum Guide – free), travel radio (Tune-In Radio Pro – $3.99) and travel journal (Day One – $4.99).

We used Evernote’s Food app to find places to eat on the road. Not only could it find nearby restaurants using the phone’s location services, quite often there would be menus and reviews to help choose. Since there was lots of road time – more than 1,000 miles on I-10 alone – Tune-In Radio Pro got quite a workout. It allowed us to listen to our favorite radio stations without having to find a new station as we moved out of range of the current station. This worked great on the Interstate because we had good cellular coverage there, but not so well down in bayou country.

The World War II Museum is an amazing place. It now encompasses two city blocks and is still growing. There’s so much to see and do that the guide was a great tool. If you’re planning to visit this museum, go ahead and install the app before you leave home so you can plan ahead. The only reason we “did” the museum in one day was because we had been there before when it was just the D-Day museum.

Of course, Day One made sure I’d capture all the memorable moments of the trip. One thing that was quite helpful was posting entries after the fact. When you import a photo from your phone’s photo library, Day One asks if you want to use the date and location information from the photograph. Yes I do, thank you! That made it easy to select the images that represented the high points of each day and include descriptions after we had returned to our hotel.

My Day One Louisiana travel journal.

I was also posting updates on our Posthaven family journal. All that took was a quick email with a photo or two and a few lines of text. The message content is posted as an entry on the blog and then emailed to each family member. They can comment on a post by replying to that message. It’s not only captured as a comment on the blog but sent to all the family subscribers.

An entry posted to our Posthaven Family Journal from the road.


Five days of travel ate up about 1.5GB of cellular data with most of that coming from the hours of online radio while driving. It was worth every minute!