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A Diary for the Digital Age

The digital age has brought some new and creative ideas to journaling. It’s fun, affordable and easy to capture those special family moments to share with future generations. See for yourself!

What do Flickr, tumblr and cemeteries have in common?

You’d be surprised. I know I was.

Today’s Tech – Oct 10th

Tumblr bloggers using the iOS app recently received an update that makes some changes to how photos are included in posts. Tap the All Photos option at the top of the selector panel to narrow your selection to a specific album. Nice. The update notice also hinted this update would be leading to even bigger changes […]

Does your blog need some bling?

Looking to spiff up your blog? Want to take advantage of the latest features your blog platform offers? Maybe it’s time for a new theme. Here are some options to help your search.

Tumblr App Adds Style

Actually, they call it “Appearance”. It’s a new feature on the Tumblr mobile app that lets you customize how your Tumblr blog will look within the app. Most blogs have clean, uncluttered designs when viewed on small devices. The theme used on a standard web page often doesn’t work on a phone’s smaller screen. Well, Tumblr […]

Tumblr for News

My Moultrie Journal blog is full of stories about my family and my home town along with photos, news and other goodies I find interesting. Since my home town just happens to be gearing up to celebrate its 450th anniversary next year, there’s lots of interesting stories popping up all over the place – from […]

Social Tumblr

While Tumblr is a blog platform, it is much more “conversational” than other blogs. It’s more like Twitter in many ways – following blogs, re-blogging, searching hashtags to follow topics and favoriting posts to name a few. Now they’ve added a mention feature that will notify a user when you include them by using @username […]

The Tumblr Queue

Like most blog platforms, Tumblr offers the ability to schedule when a post will be published. It also takes scheduling a step further with the queue feature. The queue gives you the ability to stack your posts up in the order you want them and spread out their publishing across a period of time. I […]

Take a look at Tumblr

I’ve had a somewhat dormant blog at Tumblr for several years, but when the news came out that Yahoo had purchased the platform I decided to go back and take another look. WOW! The best way I can describe Tumblr is Twitter on steroids. Tumblr is designed for short updates – but without Twitter’s character […]

Tumblr updates iOS and Android apps

I’m finding Tumblr more fascinating every day. Think of it as a sort of long-form Twitter only you’re following blogs (and hashtag conversations) and reblogging posts. The iOS app update makes it even easier. Tumblr has revamped its Android app and cranked up social discovery for iOS in the first updates that its mobile apps […]