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TweetDeck for Mac gets update

Nothing yet for iOS . . . Twitter announced last week it was redesigning TweetDeck and giving it a fresh look and feel. Today, those changes hit the OS X version of the social networking app. via The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

Twitter limits developers

If you notice problems with your favorite Twitter app, it could be because Twitter has shut down API v1. An API is a programming interface that allows others to use their data services when building apps. In the early days of Twitter, they wanted all the attention they could get and this API made it […]

How to follow a Twitter list

Did you know Twitter is a great news service? Thanks to Twitter lists, you can create your own customized news feed to deliver news to your desktop or mobile device. Here’s how to subscribe to a Twitter list – a great way to collect the information you want.

What’s going on with Feedburner?

Feedburner is looking more and more like an unwanted step-child. What’s going on and how will it affect you?

Conversational Twitter

Twitter’s a great conversational tool for both organized and spontaneous chats. Let’s put it to use to get some genea-conversations going. Here’s how.

Tech Notes – 29 June 2012

Lots of interesting updates, tips and news in this weeks edition of Tech Notes.

Twitter Stats

Are you a Twitter fan? Want to see how you fit into the Twitterverse? Here’s a platform that gives you a fascinating look at your world on Twitter.

Personal history publishing . . . via Twitter

Personal publishing gives history a new face as we get to view history at a much more personal level. And, thanks to Twitter, we are able to enjoy some amazing personal stories.

Curating the News

Curated news and beautiful reading applications allow us to relax and once again enjoy a delightful reading experience.

The Society Weekly

Can you publish a daily or weekly online genealogy newspaper for your society full of news and fascinating articles at no cost and with little effort? You betcha! Here’s how.