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Ulysses for Family History

Are you building your family history one story at a time? If so, do you need a way to keep those stories organized so they can be repurposed into family history projects? Take a look at Ulysses. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Moving to Ulysses Made Easy

Moving a writing project from Scrivener to Ulysses is not only quick, it’s easy too. Even better, the images come with the text. Nice!

Start a Writing Project with Ulysses

Setting up a writing project in Ulysses is really quite simple. Content is organized into groups and sheets – the library equivalent of folders and files. Ulysses supports groups and sub-groups and gives you the ability to reorganize them any time you wish. See how easy it is to get started with Ulysses.

Ulysses’ Writing Support Tools

A look at the tools Ulysses provides to help you manage the writing process when you want to stay focused on your actual writing.

Ulysses’ Support Tools for Writers

How many times have you been writing away only to realize that you need to include a photo, quote or citation? You don’t want to break your writing rhythm, but you don’t want to forget to include that needed item either. The Ulysses writing platform has a number of tools that can help you manage […]

Ulysses for Blogging

This week the Ulysses writing platform (Mac – $44.99 & iOS – $24.99) released an update that includes publishing to WordPress blogs – both those hosted at WordPress.com and self-hosted sites. It even supports multiple blogs! Also included are many of the WordPress options you use regularly, including: save a post as a draft , publish it immediately […]

Why You Need a Blog Editor

Those of us with a treasured family journal, scrapbook or collection of letters have a window into the personal side of our family’s history. That one or more generations of people took the time and effort to protect and preserve those treasures makes them even more precious. Today, we have a large community of bloggers […]

Thoughts on Transcriptions

I’m transcribing my grandfather’s letters as part of a family history publishing project. This is where “archival quality text” becomes more than a catchy term.

Ulysses Update With iPhone Support

Ulysses has just released version 2.5 for Mac and iOS. Some of the many new features include: Fully adapted to iPhone Fully adapted to iOS 9’s Split Screen Fully adapted to iPad Pro Added Medium export Added Share Extension Added 3D Touch actions on supported devices Added Spotlight indexing/opening via Springboard Added DOCX import Added […]

Organize Writing Projects In Ulysses

Ulysses [Mac – $49.99, iPad – $19.99] is an impressive writing platform yet quite easy to master. Unlike Scrivener, where every writing project is a separate file, Ulysses creates a library package that contains all your writing projects. This package is very similar to the library used in Photos. When a project package is saved in iCloud and you […]