Documents App by Readdle

ReaddleDocs for iPad has received a significant update including a new look and new name – Documents [iPad – free]. The name is deceptive, however, since it’s a whole lot more than just a document reader. It’s also a file manager, music player, photo viewer, text editor and video player. It can read PDFs, ePubs and Office files, open email attachments and move files to and from just about any cloud service you might use.

A view of Documents’ main screen.

The app’s document manager can move files between devices and systems within your local network as well as connect to just about any cloud service. And, you’re not just limited to downloads either. You can upload files from your iPad to your desktop or Dropbox or whatever service you use.

A PDF document viewed in Documents.

The reading experience is quite delightful too. In this example, you’re looking at one of my WordPress guides that was created using Keynote and saved as a PDF. You can also read ePub books in this app. With Documents, you can highlight and annotate your documents, add bookmarks and sticky notes. You can then email your annotated document to others.

It’s an absolutely amazing app – even more so because it is free. Take a look and see if you don’t find it one of the most useful apps installed on your iPad.